Andrei Chikatilo, Part 3: The Investigation


Between January and September of 1984, Andrei Chikatilo brutally murdered an additional fifteen women and children:

  • Natalya Shalapinina, Female, 17 – January 9, 1984
    • Chikatilo killed her in Aviators’ Park. Shalapinina had been a close friend of Olga Kuprina, killed by Chikatilo in 1982.
  • Marta Ryabenko, Female, 45 – February 21, 1984
    • Chikatilo’s oldest victim, killed in Aviators’ Park. Authorities located her body the following day.
  • Dmitriy Ptashnikov, Male, 10 – March 24, 1984
    • Witnesses gave a description matching Chikatilo; authorities found saliva and other fluids on his clothing.
  • Tatyana Petrosyan, Female, 32 – May 25, 1984
    • Met Chikatilo in 1978, lived in the same town as him.
  • Svetlana Petrosyan, Female, 11 – May 25, 1984
    • Svetlana saw Chikatilo murder her mother before he chased her and killed her with a hammer.
  • Yelena Bakulina, Female, 22 – June 22, 1984
    • Police found Bakulina’s body on August 27th in the Bagasenski region of Rostov. He had stabbed her to death, and her body covered with leaves and branches.
  • Dmitriy Illarionov, Male, 13 – July 10, 1984
    • He vanished in Rostov while on his way to get a health certificate for summer camp.
  • Anna Lemesheva, Female, 19 – July 19, 1984
    • She was a student who disappeared on her way home from a dental appointment.
  • Svetlana Tsana, Female, 20 – July 1984
    • Hers was the last murder that Chikatilo would later confess to having committed.
  • Natalya Golosovskaya, Female, 16 – August 2, 1984
    • She vanished on a visit to Novoshakhtinsk, where she was to visit her sister.
  • Lyudmila Alekseyeva, Female, 17 – August 7, 1984
    • A student lured from a bus stop by Chikatilo, who offered to direct her to Rostov’s bus terminal.
  • Unknown woman, Female, 20–25 – August 8–11, 1984
    • Chikatilo encountered this victim on the banks of the Chirchiq River while on a business trip to the Uzbek SSR. Police found her body on August 16th, but they were never able to identify her.
  • Akmaral Seydaliyeva, Female, 12 – August 13, 1984
    • Seydaliyeva was a runaway from Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.
  • Alexander Chepel, Male, 11 – August 28, 1984
    • Chikatilo killed him on the banks of the Don River, near where he had murdered Alekseyeva three weeks previously.
  • Irina Luchinskaya, Female, 24 – September 6, 1984
    • Luchinskaya was a Rostov librarian who disappeared on her way to a sauna; she died in Aviator’s park, like many of Chikatilo’s victims.

First Arrest

Seven days after he murdered Irina Luchinskaya, on September 13th, two undercover detectives noticed Chikatilo as he walked through the city. Authorities followed him and saw him committing acts of frotteurism, and saw him approach dozens of young women.

Once he arrived at the city market, the police arrested him. When they searched his belongings, they found an eight-inch knife, multiple lengths of rope, and a jar of vaseline.

After his arrest, police found that he was under investigation for the theft of a roll of linoleum, which gave them the right to hold him for an extended period. They noted that his physical description matched one provided by the eyewitness who saw Dmitry Ptashnikov before his death. They used this as probable cause to collect a blood sample.

The results of the blood test revealed that Chikatilo had Type A blood; unfortunately, coroners classified identifiable samples from six of the victims found in 1984 as type AB.

Police added Chikatilo’s information to the rudimentary database that they had in place, but they no longer considered him to be a suspect. The court found Chikatilo guilty of the theft; he served three months of the 12-month sentence and got out of prison in December of 1984.


After his release, Chikatilo got a job in a locomotive factory; he refrained from killing anyone for nearly eight months. He lured his next victim, eighteen-year-old Natalya Pokhlistova, into the woods from a train platform on July 31st, 1985.

Four weeks later, on August 27th, Chikatilo took his next victim, eighteen-year-old Irina Gulyaeva.

The Investigation

In late 1985, officials appointed a special procurator named Issa Kostoyev (similar to a lead detective or prosecutor) to lead the investigating team. At the time, the group consisted of fifteen other procurators and twenty-nine detectives. They were investigating the twenty-three murders that evidence had conclusively linked to the same killer.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Alexandr Bukhanovsky, created a working profile of the killer for the first time in the history of the Soviet Union. The end result was a sixty-five page long report that described the following as likely characteristics of the killer:

  • Reclusive man, aged 45-50 years old.
  • Painful and isolated childhood.
  • Incapable of flirting with women.
  • An individual of average intelligence, likely married with children.
  • A sadist who suffered from impotence.
  • Likely used the stabbings as a surrogate for sexual intercourse.
  • Most likely traveled for work.

Chikatilo followed the investigation closely and realized that the police were close to finding him. Authorities found remains belonging to his earlier victims in 1986, but he managed to resist his murderous urges from August of 1985 until May of 1987.


Andrei took the lives of three young men and boys in 1987, thirteen-year-old Oleg Makarenkov, twelve-year-old Ivan Bilovetskiy, and sixteen-year-old Yuri Tereshonok.

In April 1988, he killed a woman; she was between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, and authorities were never able to identify her. In May and July, he killed two young men: nine-year-old Alexey Voronko and fifteen-year-old Yevgeniy Muratov.

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